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The Moga District is the 17th District drawn on the map of Punjab State on 24th day of November 1995. Before this, Moga was the sub-division of Faridkot District. Moga town the head quarter of the District is situated on Ferozpur-Ludhiana road. Area of Dharamkot block with 150 villages has been emerged in Moga district vide. Pb. Govt. notification No. 2/36/98-R.E. 2(1) 6408 dated 5-11-99.

The Moga District falls under the jurisdiction of Ferozpur division. Its boundaries touch the boundaries of Jalandhar district in north, Ludhiana district in East, Sangrur in South and Faridkot & Ferozpur in West. It stretches between longitude 75 degree - 15, 75 degree - 25 east and latitude 30 degree - 35 and 31 degree 15 North. It spreads over an area on 2230 km which comes to 4.42 % of the Punjab State. The average annual rainfall of district was 234.5 mm by the year 1999.

By the provisional figures of 2001 census the Moga District ranks 11th with in Punjab with a population of about 886313, which is 3.65 percent of the total population of Punjab State. There are 887 females per thousand male in Moga district by census 2001, which is one less than found in 1991 census, that was 884. Although rate of population growth is low but the density of population has increased, which is 400 per sq. km. as compared to 351 by 1991 census.

In Moga District 63.94 percent population is literate , where as the rate for male & female literacy is 68.40 & 58.96 respectively.

From Adminstration Point of view District Moga setup is as under:
No. of Tehsils/Sub-Divisions: Moga, Baghapurana,Nihal Singh Wala, Dharmkot
No. of CD Blocks: Moga-I,Moga-II, Baghapurana,Nihal Singh Wala, Dharmkot at Kot-ise-khan
No. of Tehsils: Moga, Baghapurana,Nihal Singh Wala, Dharmkot
No. of Villages: 323
No. of Inhabited Villages: 318
No. of Un-Inhabited Villages: 5
No. of Municipal Councils: 2(Baghapurana,Dharmkot)
No. of Nagar Panchayats: 3(Badhni Kalan,Nihal Singh Wala,Kot-ise-khan)
No. of Municipal Coorporation: 1(Moga)


  1. Moga district has the proud of being the birth place of Lala Lajpat Rai Ji, the great freedom fighters.His native village Dhudhike falls in Moga District.

  2. The Religious and Historical Gurdwaras, named as : Dina Sahib, Takhtupura and Lopon are located at block Nihal Singh Wala, Whereas Daroli Bhai and Chand Nawan are located in block Moga II.

  3. Geeta Bhawan a great temple is also at South of Moga City.

  4. Geeta Bhawan

    Geeta Bhawan

  5. Nestle Moga is an International level factory. This factory is as food processing Plant of its own kind in North India.

  6. Geeta Bhawan


  7. Adani Agri Logistics Ltd. Base Moga Depot. Food Grains play an essentional role in nourshing the nation?s populace. There fore it needs special care like proper storage and transportation for taking care these special needs, Adani Group, one of India?s fastest growing business houses has setup seven Base and Field depots spread across the length and breadth of the country, coupled with specially designed top loading and bottom discharge rail wagons .The sole objective of this project is to provide comprehensive supply chain management solutions to FCI-Food Corporation of India. Meticulous planning and technology has been used to insure that the grains remain farm fresh thourghtout the entire storage and transportation process. Once keep in storage, these grains are transported to various field depot across the country, where there is a grain shortage. These field depots are fully mechanized using state of the art technology for storing food grains. Fully integrated and IT enabled operations make sure that there are no lapses in quality and quantity of grains, and transparent transactions are carried out at all stages. With ample support from government and farmers this project will surely touch lives of million of people across the country.

  8. Geeta Bhawan

    Adani Agri Logistics Ltd. Moga Depot

  9. Moga has parks known as Nehru Park and Shahidi Park which adds to the beauty of Moga District.

  10. Geeta Bhawan

    Geeta Bhawan

    Shahidi Park