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Moga Literature

Inaugurated in 1943, the Indian People Theatre Association (IPTA), is India's premier cultural organization. It is the most significant mass cultural movement. IPTA strongly believes that all art forms on this earth are a reflection of common people, and for this very reason art needs to be addressed at mass level. It functions in two ways, firstly to present the clear picture of society, secondly to educate the people in philosophical ways. It has been committed since its inception to preserving and promoting the country's rich and vibrant heritage of Indian and international music, dance, theatre, film, literature and photography. IPTA is presenting new and innovative work in the field of the performing arts as well. Playing host to over thousands performances across the country, the IPTA has the distinction of being India's largest, most holistic performing arts organization. Performances become inspired when they spring from deep within. We work with an inter-disciplinary & multicultural approach to diverse art forms. Excellence in the performing arts is a moving target. Boundaries need to be pushed. New concepts need to be explored, questions need to be asked & answered and above all, fresh ideas need to be shared to create future on stage.