Sewa Kendra

Need for Sewa Kendras

The average coverage is 45,000 population per center.
Delay in delivery of services, long waiting time.
Lack of monitoring mechanism.
Duplication of physical infrastructure, manpower wastage, overloading as well as under-utilization of resources.
Multiple front end delivery channels like SUWIDHA, FARD Kendras, Saanjh Kendras, Transport etc., leads to confusion among citizens as to which service can be availed from where.
Monetary loss to the citizens in the form of wastage of time, loss of wages & productivity, transport cost etc.


Do away with current approach of departments working in silos and having their separate service delivery channels.
Optimization of manpower and resources engaged in service delivery mechanism.
Provide efficient and cost effective methods of service delivery to departments.
Enable the government departments to focus on their core functions and responsibilities.
Bring uniformity across State in service delivery mechanism.
Delivery of all services covered under RTS in time bound manner.
Good ambience and amenities for citizens.
Integrated with individual department systems.